New Year, What’s Your Plan?

We are closing in the on the end of the first quarter of 2015.  Where are you?  Did you have a plan for this year?  Are you ahead or behind?  For me, in the Oil & Gas side of things here in Gulf of Mexico, the market is pretty tight and many are really pushing on the cost side of things. Perfectly understandable and certainly one aspect to address.  It also means that you have to be smarter and more intentional in your marketing efforts.

So what does all that mean.  It means to take a pause and evaluate where you are and how it compares to what you thought it would be. Many people in small business are so involved in all the actual business activities that monthly or weekly business reviews sound great but are they the best use of time.  Personally, my recommendation is take a hour a week to assess where you are.  Then monthly have a formal review of performance as quarterly can be too long an interlude and corrective action if needed is too far behind the activity itself.  When and frequency can be debated but the need to do it can not!

How is your sales plan going?  It can be a tough year for business.  Competition is increasing and getting more aggressive so be proactive and keep the activity level up.  Day after day week after week.  If you market is not too large and you feel you are calling too often, use other tactics to keep your name in front of them, newsletters (with relevant info in them not just to have one), gifts, tips, new products or services, new people of things in the industry that need to be relayed.  Be innovative but respect their time!

This is the time when you  can really make an impact.  People focus on costs and their time. Capitalize on it.


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