Organic Growth

Last time we discussed the process of determining who you are thereby providing a base for either organic, acquisition or some combination form of growth.  Today we will take a look at organic growth.  Usually the biggest issue with organic growth plans is how long it takes.  True enough as it can be a slow process but one that can be controlled throughout and continues to strengthen the customer base at the grass-roots level and leads to stronger relationships.  A detail plan needs to be prepared incorporating the usual components, target market, list of targets [specific names], order of attack and resources needed and timing of all this.  Defining the target market is a simple concept but one that many rush through as they feel the know it.  Okay, then define it and decide priorities, is it to be size, product synergies, geographical or maybe a matrix of all these to accelerate potential impact as much as possible.  Now list the companies, offices and contacts within that market in order of priority or by group of priorities.  Now depending on your resources, how are you going to attack them.  Usually it is people driven and face-to-face visits.  Therefore you have to find the right person or persons to execute it.  Possibly you are in a market whereby you could incorporate emails, newsletters and phone calls in conjunction with face-to-face if needed.  Whatever the course, the message needs to be consistent and in line with who you are.  It is important in this whole process to establish some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that allow you to ascertain where you are along the plan and do you need to allocate more resources or change those that you have.


Utilizing you KPI’s and key personnel, have open and candid discussions about where you are and what is needed.  Allow the whole team to buy in and participate along the way.  You are the driving force, hold them accountable but insure you are equipping them with what is needed to accomplish the task.  Expectation has been defined, communicated and measured,  If the goals/targets are being met, the results should follow.  If not, review your process was it the result of faulty logic or faulty execution?  Maybe some revisions need to be made?  This should be a dynamic process and change is inevitable as it relates to reaching the end game, GROWTH!

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