Growth, Organic or Not, But First, Who Are We?


Credit to the Peanuts team for the above!

Everyone wants to grow their business. Before you can grow you need to analyze where you are, what your market is, the dynamics of that market, what resources you have available (people, money, timing, market position, etc.). This is a critical aspect of positioning yourself for success. Yes, there are many rah rah marketing companies and programs galore for how to reach people or companies from personal calls, to email blitzes to newsletters to call centers. This may get you some impressive contact numbers but are they quality contacts? Do they have a need for your product or service? Could be you are dealing with a commodity type product and numbers may be the answer.  Then again maybe it is wasted time, effort and resources. Maybe you need contacts made by people who can interact with the prospect and lead them to the right solution. My point here is that more often than not each case is different and canned or packaged programs may get some activity but is it a quality activity that can build your business the way you envisioned.

What does this mean… Pull out your Big Chief Tablet or IPad and begin the process of identity evaluation. Today, we will address the first couple of steps, Who are you? What is your Identity? What separates you from your competition? Is this what and where you want to be? If not how and why did you get there? If so, good now how will I continue to capitalize on it. Here we are asking general questions as this is a very specific and internal evaluation that should involve the key team members and sets the tone for your current identity and your path forward. Wait, have you already been through this exercise when you first started. Terrific, you are way ahead of the process. Do you periodically review the exercise and update it? Say annually. This provides an excellent opportunity to communicate your corporate message and direction while obtaining buy in from your team. This step is looking at the identity and position of the business. The next chapter will address resource evaluation establishing a foundation for the best growth path for you!

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