Change, it is a blessing!

How many of you hate change?  Maybe hate is a strong word so let’s just say resist or cringe a the thought of it.  Why?  Is what you are doing now working?  Is it enough?  Is it efficient? Hey, is it what your bosses (if you have one) looking for?

Shouldn’t we embrace change?  Change leads to growth both personally and in most business cases.  However it requires us to be flexible which is hard and to welcome new ideas…  Whoa!  New ideas not that is a novel approach as well.  It might not even be my idea!

So let’s set aside the pride, ego and authorship issues that surround many of us and instead look at the change from 40,000 ft.  Ask yourself is it good for me, my business, my time and my customers or employees (not necessarily in the right order but you get the point!!

Once you let go of the personal issues and look at it strategically or big picture wise you can objectively determine if this is something that needs to be pursued.  Don’t spend time struggling with all of it, just take the old Big Chief Tablet, put pluses on side and minuses on the other and the course of action will be clear!

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